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A Piece of WWII Local History

Another piece of WWII local history… After we posted a photo of the chapel and cemetery next to the Chateau in the snow, a faithful reader wrote. He reflects on family and friends laid to rest there and adds: “Il y a eu près de l’entrée du cimetière des soldats

Historic School Door in Courtomer

A Glimpse of Historic Architecture

An ancient door…visiting the old school in Courtomer. It was constructed in the early 18th century. This was about 150 years before public schools — free, mandatory, and non-religious — became the rule in France in the 1880s. Une vieille porte…la vieille école XVIIIe de Courtomer. Etablie au XVIIIe siècle,bien

Snow Drops Courtomer

Courtomer’s “Perce-Neige”

Snowdrops in a copse on a sunny winter day at Chateau de Coutomer. The snow-drop is called “perce-neige” in French because it can pierce through a light layer of snow. “Perce-neige” is a breakthrough word in other ways, too — it is one of a about 3 or 4 words

Mr Chocolat

The Cinema in Sees

Cinéma le Rex in Sées, 15 minutes from Chateau de Courtomer. Here is France, in all its contradiction, cliché, and culture: a night out at the movies in the little cathedral town of Sées. Here you can immerse yourself in high-brow films, low-brow movies… French productions and many, many American


The Christmas Market

Last weekend was the Marché de Noël, also known at the “foire aux dindes” at the neigboring town of Seés. The music of the French countryside was in the air — musette and the fanfare of hunting horns…Here local people come to buy their Christmas turkey — and take it


A Little History

A Little History Chateau de Courtomer is an 18th-century chateau built on 11th century vaulted foundations (still visible today in the cellars). Its handsome façade is on the French national register of Historic Monuments, as well as its curving stone staircase, fine plasterwork in the reception rooms, and unique star-patterned