The Cinema in Sees

1015456_fr_les_tuche_2___le_reve_americain_1450367514628 Mr Chocolat

Cinéma le Rex in Sées, 15 minutes from Chateau de Courtomer.

Here is France, in all its contradiction, cliché, and culture: a night out at the movies in the little cathedral town of Sées. Here you can immerse yourself in high-brow films, low-brow movies… French productions and many, many American movies.

The French love America. Clothes, music, movies and yes, even food. MacDo’s is where adolescents like to hang out…and where you (and they) can order a glass of wine with a burger and fries. Le muffin (pronounced “mufeen”) has been a staple ever since Starbucks took Paris by storm. And last time we were in Paris, we noticed that “le cookies” was on offer in the boulangerie. The French language can’t quite cope with the concept of a supersize American-style chocolate-chip cookie, so the French have thrown up their ink pens and given it the plural form.

The most popular French movie this year is about a French family that wins the lottery. To the great mirth of French movie-goers, they decide to take an American vacation. Oh la la!

To give you an idea of French humor, this family of lovable dumbbells has a son who is gay and wants to be a gangsta rapper. He calls himself Tuche Daddy. Their other son is named Donald, but the family calls him “Coin-Coin” — “quack-quack”.

And another source of hilarity has to do with this low-brow family’s taste for fries — “Tuche pas à mes frîtes!” (“Hands off my fries!”) — which riffs off the slogan of SOS Racism, “Touche pas à mon pote” (“don’t touch my buddy”). The French of all walks of life are extremely polite, despite what tourists may think, but political correctness gets the Gallic shrug.

You can watch it all at the Rex.

On the high-brow side, the Rex is also showing “Monsieur Chocolat.” Chocolat was the first black clown in France. This film, funny and as sad as a clown, is the second-most successful film in France right now.

If you are not ready for movies in French, the latest Coen brothers film, “Hail Ceasar,” is showing in V.O. So is “Alvin et les Chipmunks” — an easy way to immerse your children in French!

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